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Salakhetdinov Shamil mcp2004 at mail.ru
Fri Jul 31 00:44:52 CDT 2015

 Hi John --

Sorry, I'm talking Win 8[.1]- as nobody yet replied about Win 10 and I haven't yet upgraded to Win 10 - just wanted to finish my current project within a week and then I will definitely upgrade to Win 10:

I'm using Windows 8 (and currently Windows 8.1) for almost three years as my main dev system, and I'm having as you say 12 - 20+ chrome tabs, another dozen of IE tabs, yet another dozen of FF tabs, 5+ VS instanaces tabs, xl, word, .... - all in a standard Windows desktop taskbar, I'm not rebooting my system for weeks (Windows update is not set automatic on my system)... - I suppose Win 10 should be only better with all that stuff you're asking about...

Thank you.

-- Shamil

>Friday, July 31, 2015 12:17 AM -04:00 from "John W. Colby" <jwcolby at gmail.com>:
>I know we have some folks who are avid Windows 8 users.  Any of you out 
>there using Windows 10?  What is up with that virtual desktop?
>I do multi-window all the time, often a dozen copies of Chrome each for 
>a topic, a couple of excel sheets, a word doc, a hand full or remote 
>desktops etc.
>In Windows 7 I have the task bar at the bottom of the screen.  All 
>Chromes are represented by a "stack" of chrome buttons or icons on the 
>taks bar.  All spreadsheets are a "stack" of excel icons.  Etc. I can 
>simply hover my mouse over the stack and a menu pops up allowing me to 
>select one from the stack.  or I can hold down the alt key and tab 
>through all of the open items to select one.
>So how does this play against the new virtual desktop.  Does the taskbar 
>still work the same in Windows 10 as it does in Windows 7, and as 
>described above?  If I have a virtual desktop, does each desktop have 
>it's own task bar which I can do the above stacking and selection 
>trick?  Can the desktops be saved or endure a reboot, reloading 
>everything in each desktop?  Or do I have to rebuild the desktops if I 
>have to reboot?
>Does Windows 10 auto-update still force a reboot or are the windows 
>updates more transparent now?
>And If I (for example) created a half dozen virtual desktops and loaded 
>10 Chrome instances with 12 tabs in one of them (not uncommon when I am 
>researching stuff) would Windows handle the severe performance impact 
>better, perhaps isolating the impact to just that one virtual window? 
>And yes I understand that MS has a new and apparently quite slick 
>browser.  How does that browser handle a dozen or more tabs?  Does 
>anyone know if that browser will run under Windows 7?
>I got badly burned with Windows 8 being so completely and utterly 
>foreign that I am gun shy about installing Windows 10 on my work 
>machine.  I am actually considering buying a new machine to run windows 
>10, leaving my Windows 7 machine alone and in it's current state until 
>such time as I have vetted the UI and thoroughly understand it.
>John W. Colby
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