[dba-Tech] The likes of which I've never seen before

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Mon Oct 5 08:10:32 CDT 2015

Hi Arthur

Yes, our tablets can do this. But they revert to normal display when turned upside up.

But go to Screen Settings and check the flip mode of the screen display. It can be set for upside-down (for special purposes).


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Emne: [dba-Tech] The likes of which I've never seen before

This morning I turned my laptop on and although the initial boot looked ok, by the time Windows 10 loaded the image was upside down -- the whole image, even including the mouse cursor. I rebooted again and the same thing happened. Fortunately, I'm a touch-typist so I could at least enter my password, but the problem persists. I have another computer so at least I can check my email and send new messages. But I'm totally flummoxed by this behaviour. Has anyone else ever seen this?


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