[dba-Tech] SpinRite or? Finished!

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Tue Oct 6 15:53:14 CDT 2015

Hi Jim

That's what I did with Yodot: Copied the data file by file from the slow drive to a another physical drive.
So nothing more to do other than archiving the data from the good drive to a file server.


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Hi Gustav:

Excellent news. The question now is did all the data get recovered and how long will it take to move all the data off onto a new drive?


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Hi all

My guess at about 140 days for this job (see below) was quite precise. That would have been ultimo September.

It finished today!

I had to break it into some steps with a day in between now and then, so it was quite close.

The malfunctioning drive is running steady but at an incredibly low transfer speed. It has no warranty any longer, so does anyone know if you can "reignite" a SATA drive? In the old days you could do a low level format of a hard drive but I guess the SATA interface prohibits that.


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