[dba-Tech] "Never ever change a love..." - can't get Siverlight deubgging working after installong Win10 and VS2015...

Salakhetdinov Shamil mcp2004 at mail.ru
Sun Oct 11 07:28:36 CDT 2015

 Hi All --

Here is a tough one, especially for Sunday - any takers? 

I have got installed  Win10 and VS2015.

Now, when I'm trying to start debugging my Silverlight 5 (SL5) business app or just a fresh SL5 business app created from SL5 projects templates (in VS2012 or VS2015) I'm getting a message:

"Unable to start debugging. The SIlverlight Developer Runtime is not installed. The latest runtime can be donwloaded at


Looks easy to fix by following the link above?

Wait.  (Google first - see quite a few people have had this issue but nobody yet in Win10?) Try it. Do you have Win10? First try to find in "Programs and Features" where is your Silverlight 5 setup. Do you have it? I don't. So no way to remove SL5 from "Programs and Features" to rerun its setup and to run a proposed in the above  link to setup both Silverlight 5 and SL5 Deveolper tools.

When I'm running SL5 setup or SL5 Dev Tools setup they say = "A newer version of Silverlight is already installed" - and there is no anywhere even a small button/link to uninstall this thing...

I have to dig into system registry now. It looks like the only way to fix this issue. 

And SL5 *is working* - I have it running in my application in both IE11 and FF 41.x ...

Салахетдинов Шамиль

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