[dba-Tech] Windows 10 surpasses 100 million installations

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Sun Oct 11 12:45:19 CDT 2015

Hi Jim

So you guys are on FB? For fun or programming - or?
I have kept off as can't see how to reserve the time ...


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Hi Shamil:

I have never seen a fellow more happy with the installation of a new OS. :-)

How many posts have you made? You are flooding my Facebook, I have no idea how many posts you have made to the OT and Tech lists and I suspect this is just the tip of the posting iceberg. Were you actually surprised that Windows 10 installed without issues? ;-)

>From my perspective, I would be shocked if it didn't install. I must admit it sure is a pretty OS.


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 Hi All --

FYI: "Windows 10 surpasses 100 million installations" -  http://tinyurl.com/q2ts8wc
  Yes, it looks good for me too.

Салахетдинов Шамиль

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