[dba-Tech] Best PDF Editor

Jon Tydda jon at tydda.plus.com
Sun Feb 7 18:11:01 CST 2016

We use NitroPro at work. It's as good as Acrobat and about a third of the price. 


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> On 7 Feb 2016, at 23:52, B Heygood <Accesspro at cox.net> wrote:
> I used to use PDF Creator and found it to work well with Access.
> Now with the later versions of Access we no longer need a PDF printer .
> I also used the full bore Acrobat for automation via Access.
> But, now I have need of editing some pdfs.
> Is there a program you would recommend other than the full Acrobat ?
> Downloading a virus is my concern.
> Tia
> Bob
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