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Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 10:50:56 CST 2016

I browse a lot to see what kind of Office content is out there. Just now,
I'm at 


.... using Firefox, it never does load completely. I got a Flash error,
which I cleared, but it's still churning. Almost all of the sites I visit
are ad-driven and they take forever to load. 

My system's new, but not particularly fast, but it should be adequate to
handle this stuff. 

I don't have trouble with Facebook -- just these ad-driven sites for the
most part. I don't do any shopping or that sort of thing. Oh, here's one...
hometalk.com -- I visit that a few times a day and wow... it takes forever
to load anything there and often, I just give up and close the tab. 

I'm running Vipre, but anymore that doesn't mean much. 

Wireless modem's old and might be part of the problem. I've mentioned it to
the dh and I think he's researching replacements. 

Susan H.  

Hi Susan et al

I'm curious - what sites do you have issues with? My colleagues use IE and
Edge (and Chrome a little), and I very rarely get complains, and if I do, it
is most often malfunctioning government sites. Browsers "crashing" is so
rare that I can't recall the last time it happened.

Any examples, please?


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I'd like to hear from anyone using Edge - just curious about its speed and
general behavior. I'm using FireFox on Win 10 and it freezes at least once a
day and it's getting old. 

 Susan H. 

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