[dba-Tech] Sense: Personalized Intelligence for your Connected Home

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 18 11:40:39 CST 2016

The team at Mozella has put together a kickstarter project the can manage the "internet of things" in your house, without (and this is the big thing) having to ever go to the web. Everything that can be controlled in your house and it is fully encrypted so no external hackers. For modifying and updating it uses, as you would expect, JavaScript.

It might be considered a little ahead of the curve but as virtually all your new electronics, like heating thermostat, lighting, stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, televisions, cameras, door locks etc etc, will be "smart" (with built in Linux) it might be a good time to invest and have a centralized secure home network. 

View the site: http://kck.st/1RRe3UM

View the video ad: http://bit.ly/1XA3J3Y

Note: To say this new offering is popular is an understatement. The funding goal was met in less than two days (from a few 100 to over a 100K) and there is still, as of today, over 25 days left. 


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