[dba-Tech] Windows 10 drivers NVIDIA geforce monitor

John R Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Tue Jul 26 11:23:07 CDT 2016

Hi Gustav,
You are correct! I forgot. Since IE and Chrome no longer support XP and
Vista I automatically think of Firefox. Thanks for the reminder.


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Hi John

You didn't have to do that. IE is still around in Win 10, just type it.


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That worked. Windows 10 Installed "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" for the
NVIDIA display. I then went to NVidia's site and scanned for drivers and it
told me I had the latest and specified the card series and all the fine
details. That part took a while because their site's device scanner uses
java and Edge won't work with it so I had to install Firefox and Java right


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