[dba-Tech] Windows 10 drivers NVIDIA geforce monitor

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Fri Jul 29 02:28:33 CDT 2016

Hi Jim

Maybe I work a bit more disciplined. I rarely have more than 5-10 tabs open, never ever 40, but I tried to open 20 sites including Office 365 and a lot loaded with adds and stuff. 

That eats memory; Outlook took 340 MB, and one of the add-loaded sites over 700 MB, so your memory usage with 40 sites open sounds very realistic.

And a guess Edge is a "new-age" browser as new and evolving as it is, though that label is unfamiliar to me in this context.


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Hi Gustav:

Well, I will be awaiting those upgrades to my Windows 10 and by association to Edge and by extension to Adblock plus. 

You sound like an old lady who only drives her car to church every Sunday. 20MB of RAM...really? I must be a bit more ruthless when it comes to browsers...forty tabs are not unusual. When some of the tabs are continuously active, I have noticed over a few days, memory will slowly dissipate. My current version of FF on Windows 10 is now using over 1.5 GBs, with only 15 tabs open (just checked)....I have seen Chrome eat up almost 2.8 GBs.

Today's browsers are not just to read your emails and check the weather. That concept is so pre-2010...in computer years that is 60 to 70 years ago. Everything is moving away from the desktop and internet being two separate entities. I think within a few years desktops and the browser interface will be totally integrated to the point where we wouldn't know where one ends and the other begins.. Data and other information will flow from one to the other. We will be able to collaborate with friends and businesses across our desktops...and we will be able to take our desktops anywhere we want go...all that is needed is a keyboard, mouse and monitor...our desktops will be spawned off our smartphones or downloaded off the internet...we have the potential to be everywhere and running tasks anywhere in the world...messaging, transferring data, photos, video conferencing, collaborating documents, animation of scenes in movies, doing engineer designs, programming and development and so on and so on...  

Why do you think Microsoft is so aggressively embracing the internet and all things Linux? ...Because that's the future.

Aside: I understand that the next Skype is going to be internet based.

So when you say why bother, when discussing the new-age browsers, I think it is a matter of either going backwards or going forward.


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