[dba-Tech] SQL express version question

Fred Hooper fahooper at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 10:38:07 CDT 2016

HI Michael,

I faced the same question when I started converting a single, but very
complex application. I started with 2012, primarily because I already
had a copy of that development version. After a bit, I did some research
and found the two points below, which were persuasive for me:

 1. 2014 brought the ability to better handle complex queries
 2. 2016 lost the ability to control when and if updates were applied
    (Express version only)

I changed the back end to 2014 and could immediately see the speed
differences with 2014, which I expect to remain with. I'm now about half
done with the first stage of the conversion.

> Zimmer, Michael <mailto:Michael.Zimmer at federalmogul.com>
> Wednesday, July 27, 2016 12:00 PM
> Hello All,
> Currently at my work, we use literally dozens of MS Access databases
> that clients utilize across our LAN.
> Now we are looking at migrating to a SQL Server. So a couple of us
> here are beginning to dabble in SQL. Due to company policy, we have to
> only deal with Microsoft products, so I've been looking at the
> different flavors of SQL Server Express Edition.
> My question is what version of SQL Server Express should we be
> learning on? 2014? Or 2016? What is the difference, if any, between
> the versions? Any advantages/disadvantages?
> Thanks for any advice you can offer!
> Kindest personal regards,
> Mike
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