[dba-Tech] My main squeeze never fails me

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 14:29:55 CDT 2016

Just after I wrote a paean to my my main squeeze, something happened that
terrified me. Apparently Windows 10 tried to automatically update her, but
something went sideways and then when I restarted her, she said that was
restoring the OS to the previous version. That operation took hours, but it
did indeed work, and Win10 did come back to life and all is well with my
ancient girl. HP Millenium Edition, updated to Win10 etc..and she's still
running like she's ready for Rio. I do love her. Never once in all these
years has she failed me. Hats off to HP. $700 very well spent; that was a
decade ago, but that was when a dollar was worth a dollar. I realize that
the same hardware could be had for a third of that, but that's not the
point. She (I call her Guinevere) has been the most loyal and faithful
Missus that one could ever request. Even I, Son of Uther Pendragon,
Defeater of the Saxons and Lord over All Britain, cannot claim to deserve
such a wife as Guinivere.


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