[dba-Tech] [Cross Posted] Website development question

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Oct 6 01:22:11 CDT 2016

Hi Jeff:

Unfortunately not. There is a conference on the product, in Vancouver, early in November.

It does sound like it is a fun product to play with.


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Is there anyone on here that is VERY familiar with JOOMLA website
development?  I would like to ask a few questions, off list, as I foolishly
agreed to move and upgrade a JOOMLA website and now have a couple issues
that I need help with.

If you have any experience with JOOMLA, please contact me directly at jeff
@ outbaktech .com.  (Please not the unusual spelling of the email sddress)

Jeff Barrows

Outbak Technologies, LLC
Racine, WI
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