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On a related note. Did you know that Excel 2007+ files are actually ZIP files containing a series of XLM files. That's why they do not compress much: already compressed internally. Change the extension of an .xlsx file to ZIP and you can open it in your favorite ZIP manager as see the structure laid out.


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Hi All:

Does everyone already know this or is it just me, that the following amazing? 

I have just discovered that FireFox is built on top of a series of SQLite files. Every plugin, setting, history, download, cookie, visted site, caches and bookmarks are all stored in these database files. All tranaction date, size, duration, activity and location is stored in the records. If you lose some information and wish to trace it just dig through these files. Mind you, if you have been using your version of FF for more than a couple weeks, the files are huge and date ranges are the only way to find anything usable (50 pages of data is useless)...spent hours last night trying to find details on a couple of visited site (and was learning how SQLite works).

I have not tried to use other SQLs to access the data as I suspect SQLite has it own data encoding. I was working at the command prompt for quite a while before I downloaded a GUI. Has anyone else had experience with SQLite? If you have do you have any comments or recommendations?

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