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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi John:

It appears that FF saves everything a user does and everywhere a user goes. You can see how those files can quickly grow. 

I do not have a Windows machine immediately handy so I can not see where and how FF stores the data but I would suspect almost exact as in Linux. In their data directory, I noticed that there are blank file templated. This suggests that the current data files can be archive and a clean empty templates renamed, in their place. (This so much reminds me of outlook and its very limited MDB database.)

Does CCleaner actually go into the tables and remove the oldest records or does it just run a compress on the files? Note: As far as I can see FF never deletes anything so a table compression would be pointless. I have looked into the size capabilities of a SQLite table and it is 60TB or more. I believe, that FF, in order to increase search speeds, loads the indexes into memory and hence why all the memory disappears. That said, it seems that all the browsers function exactly the same way. 

Looking at all the scenarios, I might just spend sometime and do some serious editing of the SQLite files and strip out most of the garbage...manually. It could take quite a while but at least for a time after, it would be like having a new browser. :-)


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A few version ago Ccleaner added the option to compress Firefox's database
as part of it's cleanup routine. The db muct get a little bloated when used
by FF. (?)

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Hi All:

Does everyone already know this or is it just me, that the following

I have just discovered that FireFox is built on top of a series of SQLite
files. Every plugin, setting, history, download, cookie, visted site, caches
and bookmarks are all stored in these database files. All tranaction date,
size, duration, activity and location is stored in the records. If you lose
some information and wish to trace it just dig through these files. Mind
you, if you have been using your version of FF for more than a couple weeks,
the files are huge and date ranges are the only way to find anything usable
(50 pages of data is useless)...spent hours last night trying to find
details on a couple of visited site (and was learning how SQLite works).

I have not tried to use other SQLs to access the data as I suspect SQLite
has it own data encoding. I was working at the command prompt for quite a
while before I downloaded a GUI. Has anyone else had experience with SQLite?
If you have do you have any comments or recommendations?

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