[dba-Tech] TortiousGit on Windows

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 4 13:53:29 CDT 2017

Hi All:

I had been having some issues getting TortiousGit client running on my Windows 10 box and my daughter was having a problem as well. It turns out that by initiating a remote Git or Github server as a new connection, more than once causes an addition SSH key to be generated. The client now uses the latest key when trying to access the remote server and it always fails. The solution was simple, navigate to the SSH directory and edit the appropriate key file as a admin/root users and delete the extra key...and then remember to reconnect to your remote server using an existing connection and not a new connection option.

Along the way I discovered that by downloading and installing Git server for Windows it will give you a local Git server:


The beauty is that this server comes in both 32 and 64 bit and as an added bonus gives you a full bash shell. Note; that the official Windows bash shell only comes in 64bit.


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