[dba-Tech] making a bootable disk

Peter Brawley peter.brawley at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 12 22:33:10 CDT 2017

With pre-10 (or at least pre-8) Windows, it wasn't hard to make a 
bootable disk for recovery from hard disk crashes and the like. On this 
win10 laptop it's proved impossible. The Microsoft media Creation Tool 
for creating a bootable ISO image fails. Creating a recovery disk fails. 
Creating a repair disk fails.

All third-party tools I've found so far require an ISO image to make a 
bootable Win10 DVD or flash frive. Does anyone here know of a 3P tool 
that can do it? Or do I have to buy it?

I'm moving functionality to Linux as fast as I can to get free of too 
many Windows nightmares, but this win10 laptop needs to stay functional 
till that's complete. Anybody have a tip?


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