[dba-Tech] [dba-OT] Another Mystery

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Sun Apr 23 12:58:41 CDT 2017

So for the moment the problem seems to be solved.  I have two of these
passports on the main box.  So I unplugged the working one and plugged in
the "dead" one and the "dead" one works - showed up in My Computer.  Plugged
in the other one and not it works as well.  Reboot the comp and everyone's
playing nicely now.  So that's that.  For now.


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Dear List(s):


I thought  my external hard drive (WD Passport .5GB) had failed. But when I
plugged it into my laptop (USB) it worked.  Then I plugged it into my
secondary box, and it worked!


So it hasn't failed but something in my main box (W10) has.  Everything else
I plug into the USB port works.  It seems to have just stopped recognizing
this particular device.


Any ideas?






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