[dba-Tech] System Image Failure

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Sat Jul 22 09:39:09 CDT 2017

Dear List(s):


Per advice from MS on W10 (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and
Restore (Windows 7)) I decided to do the system image and system repair
disk. (Why it says Windows 7 when I am running Windows 10 is another
mystery).  But it seems like having a system image file on an external HD or
DVD would be a good thing in case of a catastrophic failure of the SSD - my
primary C drive.


Creating the repair disk went fine, but I got a message from Image:


The Backup Failed. There is not enough disk space to create the volume
shadow copy.etc.  (0x80780119)  I checked my backup drive - nope - nearly a
TB available.  So I went to the internets and found this:




which also shows a suitable for framing picture of my error message. There
follows an explanation that is such a rabbit hole that, in spite of my best
intentions to create a system image) I'm inclined to just keep using Norton
Ghost - which has been very effective and reliable for many years, instead
of trying to figure out how to repartition my SSD.


I'm trying to create a system image of the C drive.


My Disk 1 (disk 0 is the old rotator which I use for data storage, disk 1 is
the SSD)  partitions are 1) System Reserved 100MB 14% free, 2) Recovery
Partition 449MB 100% free, and C: 223BG NTFD 34% free.


Any advice on how to proceed here or an alternate backup system that would
be SIMPLE (legitimate advice includes walk away from the computer and take a
nice long bike ride down by the ocean)?







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