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Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Thu Oct 19 16:32:38 CDT 2017

Dear List(s):


I use Ghost for my monthly backup of my hard drive - actually a 250GB SSD.
It works well and I have tested it from time to time by the need to restore
a file.  Everything I do during the month is on  Google drive and/or on
external HD.


However, my main box has been doing some odd things lately and I'm beginning
to wonder if it will crap out on me.  And SSDs don't last forever either. So
as Clapton sings "Someday the bottom will drop out".


But I have never tried a complete drive restore from Ghost to an empty
drive. Don't know if it will work.  Have no way to try it.


I'm running Windows 10 which I downloaded during the free period, and so I
have no DVD for restoring Windows.


What would your recommendation be for a way to create a system image that I
could completely restore to a virgin drive? Does W10 have some capability to
do this?





Rocky Smolin

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