[dba-Tech] IPFS and Web3

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 7 12:13:42 CDT 2017

The new IPFS which is being described as the next internet revolution. Decentralization.

A new way to distribute the web that will allow every component or website or collection to be securely accessed from everywhere on the web, can dramatically reduce over all band width used and allow a viewed site to be able to run locally whether connected to the web or not. IOW, allows a dramatic performance increase by using distributed components and content.

The project is already in Beta and there is a working model that can be downloaded and demoed.

Aside: There is yet to be a fancy interface but there is a basic graphic API, which when the program has been installed and is up running, can be downloaded and used.

Here is a talk that was given by one of the developers about the concept. He describes the current web deployment method, described its deployment weaknesses and describes a new protocol that will/can be used to dramatically improve our internet experience:


The next link is the website with links to the Github IPFS application and a further Youtube instruction video showing how to install the file system protocol and how to take advantage of it:


The application is written in GO, was originally designed out of Stanford University but now is being created all over the world.

More interest?...See the following TedTalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RCwZDRwk48


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