[dba-Tech] MsgBox2

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 10:59:29 CDT 2019

I am writing a second version of MsgBox which I'm calling MsgBox2. It takes
all the same parameters as the original MsgBox, and then some. Thus far, I
have speculated several button-assemblies, the most frequent that I've
experienced. I have also speculated that passing an array of button-texts
might be a better option; I'm still guessing about that. But either way, I
need to populate the window footer with buttons, and align them from right
to left, and also size them according to the length of their prompts.
The main question here is, How to create the buttons on the form footer,
spacing them correctly from right to left?
I confess that almost all the time, I have created forms using the Form
Designer, rather than raw code. I need some help with this: create buttons
on the fly, sizing and spacing them to suit the generally accepted design
principles, and returning a value dependent upon the selected button. (That
last part is easy; ir's the creation and placing parts that have me
guessing and wildly experimenting, mostly with no success.)

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