[dba-Tech] Office 365's version of OneNote is horrid

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 10:55:59 CST 2019

I recently subscribed to Office 365 for a year, and while I like most of
it, I despise the changes made to OneNote. I have trying without success to
open existing notebooks stored on an external drive. I cannot find the
command to do this. Double-clicking on said files in Explorer doesn't work,
and apparently the File Open command has vanished. I'm thinking that I have
no choice but to re-install Office 2007, which knows how to find files.
Please advise, if you know how to perform this simple task, inform me,
because it is driving me nuts that I cannot get to my previous files.
Frankly, i would love to have a discussion with the designers of Outlook
365 to learn what they were thinking when they omitted obvious and
essential commands -- or worse, maybe they exist but are so well-hidden
that a OneNote expert cannot find them. Short of re-installing an old
version of Office, I haven't thought my way out of this dilemma. If you
have any suggestions I would be grateful.


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