[dba-Tech] I hate Office 365

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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Hi Arthur:

I think the only reason to change your Office application is if you are doing cooperative multi-user online type work then... Word processing is just word processing. If you really want to create visually awesome documents then I would suggest Adobe InDesign (https://www.adobe.com/ca/products/indesign.html)...an excellent application but then you have to need that functionality. It allows you to create a full publication and then send it for printing or for building a fully inter-active website. Dreamweaver of steroids.


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Unfortunately, the most recent cd-based version I have is Office 2007,
which I agree is ancient but OTOH I know it inside out, and that matters. I
had to re-install it to make OneNote usable again. I absolutely hate what
MS has done to OneNote, and have re-installed O2007 to get back to the
interface I have come to love. However, one problem remains; the disc I
have is the first version, and MS no longer supports it. So I am wondering
if anyone has a copy of the latest SP for O2007 (sp1). If so, I implore you
to send it to me off-line, or via DropBox or OneDrive or even Google,
whatever. In case you're wondering, I have a licensed copy of O2007 but MS
no longer supports this version.
Sometimes I feel like an old-timer who cannot fathom the fancy new
interfaces, so, having subscribed to O365, I reinstalled O2007, primarily
for the OneNote with whose interface I am familiar. I guess I am a dinosaur
but am prepared to live with that denigration. The fact remains that I have
already subscribed for a year, but wish to cancel the subscription. Is
there any chance of getting my money back? Or alternatively, just accept
the fact that I am stupid and give up on the ``109 I paid.
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