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Peter Brawley peter.brawley at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 9 20:34:15 CDT 2019

On 6/9/2019 10:56, Jim Lawrence wrote:
> Hi All:
> A few days ago, I was testing the Windows 10 partition, on my new laptop and noticed something strange.
> I had, back in December, installed both the SSH client and SSH server on the Windows section of the device so it could safely access and be accessed from any location. The SSH client is still working but suddenly the SSH server is not functioning. It was very difficult to validate this situation as many previous running Power Shell commands, also stopped working.
> Working for a solution, over a couple of evenings was going nowhere until I read an article on Microsoft's new direction. It seems that because the new Windows 10 had become such a versatile system people were not buying their servers. To supposedly fix that problem a large series of services, through the regular cycle of updates of the Windows 10 platform, are being removed. Microsoft has been very closed-lipped about this activity but fortunately, unofficial blogs have been logging the depreciation of your desktop machine. :-(

Wow. What else are they removing?

I disabled Windows Update service at v10.0.14393 (1607), I guess this'll 
be my last Windows installation.

> The RDP remote connectivity is not and never will be an adequate solution as it is security nightmare (...or any of the numerous remote takeover products that depend on that technology.)
> Aside: What scum. So much for MS openness. At least we have Linux, where their OS can drive the IoT (Internet of Things) devices, all the way up to the world's largest supercomputers and every computer system in between...one stop shopping. Learn once and run everywhere.

Yep, "scum" is apt.

> Jim
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