[dba-Tech] SandDance

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 19 13:32:19 CDT 2019

Check out the following Github downloadable graphically application; take data and produce complex graphic representations.

By using easy-to-understand views, SandDance helps you find insights about your data, which in turn help you tell stories supported by data, build cases based on evidence, test hypotheses, dig deeper into surface explanations, support decisions for purchases, or relate data into a wider, real world context.

SandDance uses unit visualizations, which apply a one-to-one mapping between rows in your database and marks on the screen. Smooth animated transitions between views help you to maintain context as you interact with your data.

This new version of SandDance has been rebuilt from scratch with the goal of being modular, extensible, and embeddable into your custom applications. We are now on GitHub so that we are open and driven by the community through contributions, feature requests, and discussion.

SandDance was created by the Microsoft Research VIDA Group which explores novel technologies for visualization and immersive data analytics.


The application is intergratable on the following plaforms:

Power BI
Azure Data Studio
VSCode extension


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