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Strictly a guess - When I worked for Gwen, there was a computer for my use.
When she decided to "retire" from doing genealogy and I boxed everything up
to send as a manuscript collection, there was also the computer itself and
some scanners and other peripherals. There were "bought for that computer"
suites, like Adobe and MS Office etc. I effectively wiped the computer of
Gwen's data etc, as well as Adobe and MS Office. I still have the install
CDs with their licenses (gave the computer to my sister who doesn't use
either). My guess is that those would now be "recycled licenses" as they are
no longer used on an active computer. For sure, just a guess but it seems
logical to me.

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I've been scouting eBay etc. for Windows 10 and keep seeing bargain prices
for copies of Windows 10, with the proviso that they are recycled licences.
What the hell does that mean? The same sites also offer several versions of
Office, with the same proviso.
Can someone explain this to me?

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