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Rocky Smolin rockysmolin2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 18:43:27 CST 2020

I've got 8 gig.  I could add more 4-8, but the machine is also getting a
little flaky - freezing and spontaneous reboots couple times a week.  So
I'm thinking maybe a new box.

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> Hi Rocky
> It's caching, I guess. Open two or three heavy sites (newspapers), and you
> quickly pass 500MB in RAM usage.
> Also, a lot of subprocessing can be active: Profile handling, add-ins
> (ad-blocker), PDF rendering, etc.).
> It is one of the reasons why a machine with a lot of RAM is experienced as
> "faster" by the user.
> /gustav
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> Dear List:
> I'm switching over to Microsoft Edge because Firefox always seems to have
> multiple instances of itself open as seen in the Task Manager.  Even when
> there's only one tab open there are multiple instances.  With several tabs,
> the memory required often exceeds a GB.
> The same thing I see now in Edge. I have one tab open - GMail - and there
> is an (11) after Microsoft Edge in the task manager.  And it's taking >
> 600MB of memory.
> Additionally, the RAM usage seems to grow and not shrink as more tabs are
> opened and closed.  Why the bloat? Bad garbage collection?
> I'm curious to know what those multiple instances of Edge and Firefox are
> doing, but more interested in if there is a way to reduce the resource
> usage on either of those browsers.
> Rocky
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