[dba-Tech] Sending Large Files

rocky smolin rockysmolin2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 13:18:25 CDT 2020

Dear Lists:

I want to send someone a folder of files - approximately 4500 of them, size:
8.25GB in a zip file. I could put them on a thumb drive but want to password
protect the zip file but when I password protect the zip file it puts that
password on every file in the zip. Which means the recipient would have to
enter that password the first time they want to view any file. 


Any suggestions on how to do this? I don't mind mailing the USB Drive but
would like the files password protected.


I looked at file transfer services like DropBox and Hightail but don't have
a need for them so am reluctant to sign up.


They have free versions but the limit is low - like 100mb.  Which would mean
80-90 uploads.







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