[dba-Tech] Word VBA question

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 15:41:50 CDT 2021

I can’t get the command usurp technique to work either – I am sure this used to work. 


Sub FileSaveAs()


I’ve had my four-month old great grandbaby since Monday morning, so I’m a bit daft… My granddaughter’s been sick. After his dad picked him up, my daughter (the grandmother, who is also too sick to watch a baby right now) handed me a vodka with lime. So, maybe that’s it too. 😊 


This isn’t a serious bit of coding. I want to usurp the FileSaveAs command to prompt for and then save an input value in the document when saving. Thought it would be easy. I’m sure it is, I’m just too tired to see it. 


Susan H> 



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I hope someone can tell me a really easy way to transfer input data (InputBox) into a Word document. Everything I find is obscenely difficult. You can’t just say “put this text where the cursor is” without counting characters and figuring out the first and last positions? 


Susan H. 

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