[dba-Tech] Verizon Email Again

Ed Tesiny eptept at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 17:06:47 CDT 2021

I had previously posted and Bryan sent me some links which I spent a few
days on and off with no luck. I had Verizon email for a number of years
until they went out of business.  There was a fix way back then which would
allow one through AOL to continue to get email on Verizon.net, that worked
well until July 24 and I have no idea what happened.  There should be a fix
but I tried every imaginable combo I could but no luck.  My emails do come
through to www.AOL.com but how to get them over to Verizon/Outlook is
beyond me.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  TIA

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