[dba-Tech] Windows update hell

Peter Brawley peter.brawley at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 19 22:01:20 CDT 2021

On 6/19/2021 6:13 PM, Jon Tydda wrote:
> I manage updates for over 1200 devices, physical and virtual, and I’ve never seen one take that long.

Good for you.

Perhaps you've not read the win 10 update horror stories. They're easy 
to find, though.

Possibly win 10 updates work best for users who work in standardised 
environments of the sort Microsoft encourages. I already use as little 
Microsoft software as  possible. Mainly just the OS. Some of my wife's 
work makes her more depeendent on MS software (Word, Outlook, Edge &c) 
so we can't just bolt to Linux. But the horror stories persuaded me to 
turn off Microsoft updates on my win10 boxes. That's what prompted the 
question I asked earlier.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, my wife didn't yet turn them off. 
She was in win 10 update hell a couple of months ago, and she's there 
again today, but worse. The first time, she had to go through a 
convoluted series of steps to get her programs and data back. This time 
it's not working---she may've lost most everything.

NSFW language elided.

> Even the upgrade installation of Windows 10 on a laptop with Win 8.1 on a slow HDD didn’t take that long.

This is not an upgrade from 8 to 10. This is just Windows 10 update 

> I would suggest that there might be something wrong with your computer…

Evidence strongly suggests that something is wrong---or at least poorly 
predicted by Microsoft update modelling---in very many PCs.


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