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John Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
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Windows 10 has some things you can turn off to reduce the cludge:
-The News & Interests "feature" MS snuck in. Right click on the taskbar and click on it, etc. "Turn off" 
-"notifications" and "suggestions" in settings - personalization and settings - system/notifications.
-Set Edge to the "focused" start page or just a different web page altogether like duckduckgo.com
Clear browser caches every day easiest way for all 3 biggies is Ctrl-Shift-Del then choose everything except history and proceed.
Remove any free antivirus, updaters, password managers, web protection apps except Microsoft's in Settings - Apps, I fact you can remove a lot of those preloaded apps and suffer no loss. Everything is always available to download again in the Microsoft Store.
Never run any "driver updaters" other than Dell's Support Assist that came with it.

John Bartow
WinHaven IT Consulting

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I have a recently purchased Dell laptop - nothing fancy. It was fine for a few weeks, but it has continued to slow down until I'm having the same problems with the one I replaced. 


I get a lot of freeze ups that take a while to resolve. Sometimes I get that "whatever isn't responding.." message. 


I use Edge because originally it was fast - not it crawls. 


I run MalwareBytes occasionally - it shows nothing. 


Any thoughts? 


Susan H. 

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