[dba-Tech] Connect Linux to wi-fi

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 08:55:09 CDT 2021

Yeah, I know; I unnecessarily complicate my cyber-life, but how else to
learn? I have four boxes, each running a different OS. Box 1 runs Windows
10, where as an Access/VBA developer is where I service my clients. Box 2
runs Linux Mint 20.x, the most recent. Box 3 is a HP Chromebook running
Chromium. Box 4 runs Windows 7.

Everything but one magically found my wi-fi and needed no adjustments The
Linux Mint box cannot seem to find the wi-fi. How do I help it identify and

(You might ask why I have four environments. My only answer is I'm a tad
nuts, and  also a victim of insatiable curiosity.)


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