[dba-Tech] Network puzzles

Tina N Fields tinanfields at torchlake.com
Wed Oct 6 13:20:06 CDT 2021

Hello Tech Wizards,

I hope somebody on thus list will have an answer. I want to be able to 
share files between two computers. One is Win 8.1 and the other is Win 
10. They are both 64-bit. They are on the same network and they have no 
difficulty finding the printers or the Internet. But, I've been unable 
to establish a secure (as in solid or reliable) connection between them.

I have turned on the network, printer, and file sharing in the Network 
and Sharing Center. I have made sure that the Function Discovery 
services are on, so they should be publishing themselves on the network. 
I had them connected at one point and even mapped out network drives for 
them, with "reconnect at startup" set to "yes." They have since 
disappeared. On each computer, in File Explorer the network shows only 
that particular computer.

I found a lovely document online that said when both computers are on 
the same network the process is pretty straightforward and offers 
exactly no explanation of what that process might be. Dang!

Does anybody here have advice for me? I am getting really tired of 
waiting for things to upload to my Google Drive and then download , or 
putting things on a flash drive to go from one to the other. I really 
would like to have them wirelessly connected via the network they both 
are on.

Thank you for any guidance you can offer,

Tina Norris Fields

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