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John Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Fri Aug 19 14:10:05 CDT 2022

Do you have to have a laptop? 

I can get you in touch with my refurb guy for quality refurbs at low prices (with 3 year replacement warranty) if you could use a mini PC instead. 

All the refurb laptops I resell are pretty expensive because they're quality business models. I think the lowest priced model is $650.

John B

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I went shopping (online) last night for a new laptop. Mine was having trouble charging but is back to normal now with a new cable. But I still went shopping. Prices are outrageous - the same model I have now, which is nearly two years old, refurbished, is over $600. I bought it on sale for under $400. 


Tough to chew. I will wait a bit. 


Susan H. 

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