[dba-Tech] Microsoft Lists

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 18:12:32 CDT 2022

I don't think Microsoft Lists are particularly helpful if they're not
dynamically link to a source file. I worked through a long series of clicks
to try and link a list to the Excel file the data came from - and it seems
you must Export the list to an Excel web query, save the web query as an
.xlsx file, and then import the list from that file. It contains the entire
list - so you're not appending new records to the original Excel Table. 


This seems awful. Is this really the only way to do this? I can automate it
using Power Automate, but it just seems like this process should be easier
and provide a way to append new records to the original Table rather than
replacing it. 


Susan H. 

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