[dba-Tech] Ancient box: What to do?

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 08:51:41 CST 2022

I have several computers: a laptop running Linux Mint, another running Win
10, another running Chrome, and an ancient tower running Windows 7. For
several years I made my living on the Win 7 tower, so there are sentimental
reasons for wanting to preserve it.
Lately, it tries to start Windows, then goes into chkdsk, checks drive C:\
and then retries starting Windows, and the cycle repeats. I could:
a) buy a new hard disk; not much is required, 250 GB is plenty
b) although when I inspect the DVD burner on this box, it says it's woring,
it is not. For one thing, I cannot boot from that drive. Otherwise, I would
just install Linux and turn it into a print server.
d) Put my sense of romance aside, put the computer to sleep, and get on
with my life. This is perhaps the cheapest option, but it will still be a
sad day.


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