[dba-Tech] A Smart Password Manager?

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Hello Arthur:

LastPass also has a very similar password generator.  It recognizes when you are trying to set up a new password and puts a 'Generate a Password' symbol in the password field which you can click on.  The new password is automatically placed into the password field, and a new LastPass entry is created and saved.  The passwords are all stored on their cloud server so even if someone gets on your PC they'll never find your passwords.

The basic LastPass App is free and has more features than I think I'll ever use.

LastPass is the only Password Manager I've ever used - so there's that.  :-)

Good Luck!

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Hi Arthur

Edge does all this out of the box:

Use Password Generator to create more secure passwords in Microsoft Edge<https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/use-password-generator-to-create-more-secure-passwords-in-microsoft-edge-e9247e35-684b-4114-bb5e-fdea3e4ae3ff>


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Emne: [dba-Tech] A Smart Password Manager?

Best I begin with my definition of Smart. It's one thing for a Password
Manager to detect that you're using the same password(s) over and over.
That isn't especially smart.  Now I plead guilty to Sloth + SLTMLL (Short-
and Long-Term Memory Loss).
Now, as to a Smart Password Manager. It would a) detect my re-uses of
passwords, and b) automatically offer to substitute the existing passwords
with new Strong p*asswords.*
Is there such a product?  If not, why not?
Attention, developers! Glance at the statistics of our aging population and
realize an opportunity when it's slapping your face.  OTOH, maybe this
already exists, and I haven't found it yet.

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