[dba-Tech] phone

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 19:08:27 CDT 2022

My phone is a cheapie because I don't use it as my "access to all
information" tool. For me, it's about phone calls and text. That's about it.
Although, my cheapie does a lot - I have web browers, gps, all kinds of
apps. it just isn't expensive. 


With Microsoft 365 now available on mobiles, I really need to upgrade. I
don't see writing about it seriously, but I should be able to say, "you
can/can't do this.. " My main issue is that I need enough storage space to
handle the Microsoft 365 apps - I tried to download Outlook the other day
and no go. 


If you have any of the Microsoft 365 apps on your phone, would you mind
giving me your specs and a thumbs up or thumbs down on 365 with your phone? 


Thanks in advance. 

Susan H. 

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