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Thank you, Gustav. That's great information. I hadn't considered a refurbished phone -- that's a good idea and a great money savings to me. I'll take a look. My biggest hinderance with the cheaper Android is simply memory, I think. With enough of it, I think it would all work, but they all seem low memory units. As I woke this morning, I was dreaming about buying one in a store and the clerk was trying to explain why extra memory cost so much. 😉 

Susan H. 

Hi Susan

We use iPhones with Edge and Outlook. Word and Excel on a phone is for fun or panic, so we never use those.
Teams, on the other hand, works very well. I can join a meeting at work via Wi-Fi, go to the car switching to 4G, drive home (Rita drives) 50 km, leave the car, and be connected to our local Wi-Fi without dropouts.

We bought the iPhone 8 as refurbished with a discount 3½ years ago, and they will work with the next major update of iOS for at least two years more.
I’m not a fan of Apple, but iPhones work. Zero issues, guaranteed and safe updates, no spam, no virus, no antivirus, safe apps, no evil Google tracking, out of the box backup, a vast community where you can find answers for anything.

It really has proved to be a ”non-issue thing” as I was hoping for, as I have enough to do also acting as a Windows and network Admin.

And you can bring Windows Phone ringtones to iPhone:


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My phone is a cheapie because I don't use it as my "access to all information" tool. For me, it's about phone calls and text. That's about it.
Although, my cheapie does a lot - I have web browers, gps, all kinds of apps. it just isn't expensive.

With Microsoft 365 now available on mobiles, I really need to upgrade. I don't see writing about it seriously, but I should be able to say, "you can/can't do this.. " My main issue is that I need enough storage space to handle the Microsoft 365 apps - I tried to download Outlook the other day and no go.

If you have any of the Microsoft 365 apps on your phone, would you mind giving me your specs and a thumbs up or thumbs down on 365 with your phone?

Thanks in advance.

Susan H.
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