[dba-Tech] Windows 11

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 14:57:20 CDT 2022

Do you mean the laptops are too old to support 11? 

Susan H. 

We've been buying laptops with it on, and downgrading to 10 21H2 because
then everything is on the same OS. Two thirds of our laptops won't support
11, so we're not interested in moving to 11 until I can push it out by a
feature enablement package to everyone. And I'm hoping that 12 comes out
before 10 is out of support.


It has been stable for a couple of months. They've just added some new
features. I'd wait until after the first update. That'll probably be
October. Other than the new features there's really no point unless you like
to be frustrated by everything a person typically does taking more clicks to
get to <shaking head>. I have no businesses using it yet. The clients I do
have bought new devices with it preinstalled and they don't notice anything
because they're pretty basic users.

John B

I'm still using and writing on Windows 10. I'm wondering if I should
upgrade? I've put it off for a while now, but 11 seems to have leveled off
and become stable at this point - opinions? 


Thanks all!

Susan H

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