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John Colby jwcolby at gmail.com
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Microsoft's Windows 11 has completed its phased rollout and is now ready
for broad deployment on compatible devices. As with any major operating
system upgrade, there are some big differences between Windows 10 and
Windows 11, although the overall shift is less abrupt than previous OS
upgrades. In general, you should be ready for a more Mac-like aesthetic and
a focus on productivity features -- plus the chance to finally use Android
apps on your computer with Windows 11.

Hmmm a more "mac like" aesthetic.  It is a pity that MS is chasing the
MAC.  I could just buy a Mac if I wanted a more "Mac like" aesthetic.  TBH
I don't.

... plus the chance to finally use Android apps on your computer with
Windows 11.

Uhhh why?


There is not a single app I use on my phone or tablet that I want to use on
Windows.  Not one.

Easier transition from monitor to laptop
The only feature mentioned so far that I care about.  Except I have one
single monitor... attached to my much more powerful Server.  I guess if I
worked in someone's office and I had to bring my laptop in and out...  I
don't.  TBH I do all of my work on my very powerful Lenovo Legion Pro
laptop.  I love my laptop!  An 8 core 16 thread AMD 5800h, with 64 gb RAM,
an RTX 3070, two 1tb SSDs, and a QHD 2K screen.  But... I use it all by
itself on a lap-board mostly.  In my recliner, in my truck, in my RV (where
I am now with my daughter "camping".  I am not dragging a monitor around.
Microsoft Teams added to the Taskbar
Uhhh no thanks.  Microsoft trying to force Zoom out of the windows
picture.  But personally I don't use Zoom either.
Widgets (well, sort of) Windows 8 all over again.  (Well, sort of)
Enhanced touchscreen, voice and pen support
LOL, really?  The only thing my Lenovo doesn't have is a touch screen.  TBH
I am waiting for real useful voice translation.  I have been trying to use
it since IBM brought it to the PC waaaaayyyyy back.  It has never been very
useful.  Now Google has pretty good voice translation.  Even then I can't
just dictate a story to my text editor with any usable level of accuracy.
Speech is simply too complex.  Too many words sound similar, or are exactly
the same sound but different spelling (meaning) or otherwise only
discoverable "in context".

Voice support really means "choose from a very limited handful of things",
exactly "context" sensitive, like a phone switchboard.  Am I going to
upgrade for this?  I guess if I was disabled (special needs?) I would.
Xbox tech to improve gaming
Windows 11 will get certain features found in Xbox consoles
like Auto HDR and DirectStorage, to improve gaming on your Windows PC. This
marks another move toward integrating PCs and Xbox consoles for Microsoft.

My son might care.  Do you?  I don't.  MS trying to sell me stuff.

I'm thinking maybe Windows 16 or 17?  🤔😁

On Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 1:40 PM Susan Harkins <ssharkins at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm still using and writing on Windows 10. I'm wondering if I should
> upgrade? I've put it off for a while now, but 11 seems to have leveled off
> and become stable at this point - opinions?
> Thanks all!
> Susan H
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