[dba-Tech] Windows sign in

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Sat May 14 16:09:47 CDT 2022

When I close my laptop, I must sign in again when I reopen it, which is
driving me nuts. I have dogs, and if I leave the top open, they will fiddle
with it, so I close it. I might do this 20 times in a single day! 


So, I'm thinking I might do away with sign in when the laptop is reopened if
there's a setting for it. I don't want to do away with sign in when I boot,
just when I reopen the running laptop. 


There's no one in my home who's going to sign in and get anything
confidential. I have no proprietary information stored either if they did. 


The worse that would happen is someone might steal the computer and go
shopping, but I usually don't save my credit card information at shopping
sites. I go back in and remove them if not given the option at purchase


I bank online and they could easily get into my banking account, which is a


My laptop is always with me, so if it were stolen, I would probably know
about it quickly. It's the first thing I check each morning because I can
see what time it. 


The only time I turn it off is when I'm traveling with it, which is most
weekends. I go back and forth between my house and my daughter's house to
help care for my great grandbaby a couple of days a week.  


It just seems that the opportunity for being stolen is limited. 


Sorry for the ramble - not much annoys me, but this is beginning to. 



Susan H 

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