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Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Tue Nov 15 15:23:16 CST 2022


"Ditch Windows Photo App
Native Windows image viewing application-Photos-starts this process until you 
close the application.
So, the easiest fix for this issue is switching to a different application.

On 15 Nov 2022 at 8:56, Rocky Smolin wrote:

> Dear List(s):
> I am editing photos from our recent month long trip in Spain. I'm
> using MS Photo for light editing - it does most of what I need - crop,
> straighten, brightness, contrast, color saturation - even has a spot
> fix function. Very nice program - fast, easy to use.  For heavier work
> I go to Photoshop - like correcting keystoning.
> Since I started in on this job I noticed a lot of latency in response
> time when moving from one pic to another, opening the editor, etc.
> Checking the Task Manager I found that a program called Shell
> Infrastructure Host was causing a lot of this slowdown.  So I did a
> little research on it and it appears to be a problem without a current
> solution. But my search of the internets for Shell Infrastructure Host
> problem may not have uncovered the solution.
> Does anyone have this problem and if so is there anything to be done
> about it?
> Rocky
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