[dba-Tech] Google One VPN

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 10:43:05 CDT 2023

Avast hates a few sites that I visit -- slows way down but I think it's because I'm block ads and they have lots of ads. If it gets too bad, I just turn it off. There are sites that won't let me in using the Avast browser. 

Avast lets you turn it off an on by clicking a button. 

I've read some bad reports on Avast, but so far, I've no complaints. I use very few of the free features. 

Susan H. 

OK.  One of the reasons I asked how I would know if it's running is that from what I know about VPNs it's transparent.  Also, if there's a lag in response or a page loading, how would you know if it's due to traffic through the VPN server and not just a normal lag due to heavy traffic or a slow response from the target server?

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