[dba-Tech] Azure AD renamed to Entra ID

John Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Fri Jul 14 10:57:36 CDT 2023

The news that Azure AD will soon be renamed to Entra ID<https://ml.m365weekly.com/link/c/YT0yMjU3OTA1OTYzMjk2MTAwMzY1JmM9dzlrOCZlPTQyMjg3MDg3JmI9MTE3MjY5NTA2NiZkPW05ZTRmMGI=.7fB47rFFKs9fohV8qrpmjZLkNGKFI6uTeKTWanka9MA> could, with all the renames of the last few years, be in the "On a less serious note" section. And then many would think I was joking. The big joke in my realm of peers  is that we're surprised they didn't rename it "Outlook ID" (since they've confused the name outlook across so many things over the last few years).

But this time the renaming will actually be valuable. There is a lot of confusion with this Azure AD. Azure AD is not a replacement for on-premises Active Directory. Even Wikipedia makes it clear: "Not to be confused with Active Directory".

This is one of the few Microsoft renames of its products that will actually reduce confusion and increase understanding of what Entra ID actually is - an identity management service.

John B.

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