[dba-Tech] O2016

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin2 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 17:13:11 CDT 2023

Dear List(s):

I have a friend whose laptop is getting a little wonky.  I got her spare
laptop working - a Dell running Win 7 with a Core i7. She has O2016 Home
and Business on her laptop - LT1. But LT1 has some problems, could use an
upgrade to an SSD, clean the crap out, etc.

So I told her first order of business is to get her spare laptop - LT2 -
loaded with Office, her files backed up on to LT2 and to work with LT2
until she has confidence in it.

I have LT2 with me and she just sent me the key for her O2016. But when I
go to download a copy from the microsoft site, all they're pushing is O365.
Time was you could download and install Office if you had a key.

So am I missing where one can download O2016 H&B install it and input her
key when asked?



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