[dba-VB] Access Code versus VB6 Code

Nicholson, Karen knicholson at gpsx.net
Wed Aug 20 08:41:10 CDT 2003

Oh, the next journey in life.  Now that I am SQL'ing away, I am now VB6'ing
away.  Or at least trying.  Does anyone have any website addresses that
contrast the differences between Access VBA and VB?  For instance, it was so
easy to place an event procedure on a button in Access to open a form.  Took
me a bit of time to find that this is achieved by a simpler
frmProspects.Show in VB.

I have a feeling that I am going to be tripping over this for a while.  Next
I need to open up a Crystal Report.    Documentation says that I need to
have to Crystal OCX from VB application on the form.  I have the components,
now how to get it on the form...

This does look like it is going to be a blast once I get my feet under me.
Thanks for any advice for a "newbie" to VB.

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