[dba-VB] Trigger an OnClick_Event of a button

Jim DeMarco Jdemarco at hshhp.org
Wed Dec 17 07:08:50 CST 2003


Just set the command button's "Default" property to True.


Jim DeMarco
Director Product Development
Hudson Health Plan

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To all,
I have a simple logon screen (username, password, OkButton, CancelButton).  Once the user enteres the password they either have to tab off it to go to the OkButton or just click the OkButton.  They (including the powers that be) now want to press Enter/Return in the password field and logon.  I used the KeyPress_Event to detect for Enter and move the focus to the ok button, now I need to trigger the OkButtons OnClick_Event.  Anyone any ideas how I can trigger the event, I know I could just put the same code in the KeyPress_Event of the password field (but really don't wish to do that).
Thanks in advance for all your help 
Paul Hartland
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